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Period Lighting | victorian reproduction lanterns, crystal chandeliers,antique brass,gas,oil lamps

Click to enlarge picture Code - P62-G13CH
ER Chandelier 3 Arm
15, 20 or 25cm Adj Rod
Price - 186.78 (ex VAT)
224.14 (inc VAT)
Click to enlarge picture Code - B62-GAL48TER
ER Single Adjustable Wall Bracket
H:24cm  D:24cm 
Waxed Bronze on Brass
Price - 55.31 (ex VAT)
66.37 (inc VAT)
Click to enlarge picture Code - B63-GAL17AM
ER Double Wall Bracket
W:41cm  D:21cm 
Waxed Bronze on Brass
Price - 86.60 (ex VAT)
103.92 (inc VAT)
Click to enlarge picture Code - P63
ER Chandelier 5 Arm version of P62
Price - 259.82 (ex VAT)
311.78 (inc VAT)